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Japan is no longer a developed country.

The time has come for us to let go of the way of working and successful experiences that we have had, which we have assumed are just customs and there is no other way, and make a decision to change to the best way of working by identifying the essential issues.

What is DBIC?

Social issues exposed by the new virus

It is not the new virus that is the problem. The new virus has brought to light manifest challenges that have not previously surfaced.

  • The collapse of medical care, crowded trains to work during emergencies, and DX, which is just a digitized version of analog work.
    As a result of the failure to address the essential challenges, new viruses are now raging against a variety of companies and organizations.
  • It was revealed that crisis management was inadequate, even though it was found that economic activities could not be carried out due to viruses and the like.
  • Cannot sell online or hold seminars. DX has not been able to increase business competitiveness just by digitizing analog operations.

On the other hand, some companies and ways of working are being brought into the spotlight by the new virus

Some companies are able to maintain and increase their business performance and profits by assessing their objectives and circumstances and choosing the best way to work.
This way of working is likely to continue to drive the economy and society in the after-corona era.

  • Cannot sell online or hold seminars. DX has not been able to increase business competitiveness just by digitizing analog operations.
  • The mainstream has shifted from a push-type sales style, such as door-to-door sales, to a pull-type sales style, such as online seminars and information requests.
  • Online contracts and expense reimbursements are now possible, and various business processes that used to be paper-based are being reexamined.

What is our vision for the future ?

Social innovators will change Japan!z
We've set the stage for a new era.

At this very moment, digital business is disrupting and dominating the global marketplace.
If Japanese companies continue to maintain the status quo, they will be forced to be on the side of disruption. This overwhelming sense of urgency led us to establish DBIC.
We need a new way of thinking that is not limited by past success. We need to provide new values to our customers and create new markets.
For this purpose, DBIC is a place to implement open innovation, which is the most important factor, i.e., a place where we can abandon ourself-made system, emphasize diversity, team up with domestic and foreign companies, and challenge ourselves.

It is not easy to carry out creative destruction. We need innovators with a passion to change the world and society.

Why not be the "First Penguin" to take a risk and jump into the ocean?
Join us.

Hiroshi Yokotsuka
President of CeFIL, a non-profit organization / Representative of DBIC
Chairperson, Research Evaluation Committee (Information and Ergonomics),
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Member of the Advisory Committee of Takasaki University of Commerce

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