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Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?

It's about using the power of design to create sustainable solutions to complex problems. It's about structuring technology and systems as sustainable systems. It is to reach the answers to previously unattainable questions, change society and create business growth.
DBIC offers programs to learn about the "Growth Strategies Based on Design Thinking" promoted by our partner, the State of Singapore, and to transform their companies into consumer-oriented values.

Do you need design thinking?

In order to keep up with the rapid changes in the business environment, we need to solve problems by using design ideas and methods that create a user experience and make it into an integrated, sustainable and circular system.

From a Consumer Society to a Sympathetic and Co-Driven Society

There is no innovation beyond sales and profit growth. There is a market for customers and the social issues that lie ahead.
In order to discover social issues, which is the goal of social innovation, we will learn design thinking to derive hypotheses from the discovery of issues and make changes from the consumer's perspective.

Learn about design management with executives from around the world

Based on the leading-edge theory and practice of design at the Danish Design Center, which continues to strive for a sustainable society, participants will learn how to use design to solve social issues in order to generate social innovation.

Design Thinking Penetration

Design your business with specific advice from design thinking experts to change your perspective to that of the consumer. Continue to transform company culture and employee thinking while learning about the evolutionary process of trial and error and continuous exploration.