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Discover Myself

What is Discover Myself?

Develop the mindset of a change-maker in an era of imbalanced predictions and outcomes.
Innovation gives a clear outline to an unpredictable future. It is not something that can be realized by someone else. A large part of this depends on the consciousness of the individual. Innovation without personal change is pulled by organizational frameworks; through Why and outward facing programs, we will face and explore the challenges of society to discover.

Why do we need Discover Myself?

In order to continue to adapt to rapid environmental change, we need to embark on a journey to reshape our own values. We need to start from a cognitive starting point when our previous knowledge, values, skills, mindset and behavioral patterns are not working.

You can't recognize and execute in the solitude of your own company alone.

We explain the social background of the need for innovation, and build a common understanding of why we need innovation in the first place, and how we should work on innovation, including the overall process. The Boot Camp is a mindset change program that requires you to work on a vessel that is bigger than the company's vessel.

Individual unlearning is essential.

Unlearning is necessary to support transformation through awakening as individuals and organizational learning. It is essential to recognize that there are many lock-ins over time and optimization from various programs such as Innovators Mind Boot Camps, provision of social visits, initiation, and Uunlock (issue recognition).

It starts with your own "why.

To learn metacognitive abilities by encouraging students to identify their own challenges and to change themselves in the process of designing solutions. The most important question is how well you can handle and explore yourself so that you can understand and intentionally control the mechanisms of cognitive development in a logical and experiential way.