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Diving Program

What is Diving Program?

Candidate innovators from each company dive (practice) to break out of their salaried jobs and become the main actors in business creation. Interesting ideas are born, and they challenge the creation of a true ecosystem for actual innovation creation through co-creation with the innovation ecosystem.

Why do we need a dive program?

The essence of innovation is "not to create the site, but to create on the site. It is necessary to dive into an environment where you can directly observe the daily life of the local people and sharpen your five senses.

The initiative is required.

It is not an "experience=diving program". To learn and engage through the body and mind. To investigate from each site and personal experience. To problematize and discover. By recording the information obtained through the body and mind and using tools, we can communicate something to a third party for the first time. It's important to get a new perspective, feeling and thinking.

Total support

Challenge innovation creation by assembling a dedicated team dedicated to solving social problems and providing focused support from a coach. Member companies will launch their projects and DBIC will provide total support by providing networking and space with a diverse group of members and at the same time thinking about how to get out of the PoC syndrome.

Willpower is paramount.

To find out how to link social issues with the company's business, we constructed and reviewed a problem statement using a variety of search and issue identification methods. We will conduct a PoC to explore the technical elements for realization and conduct commercialization verification, and discuss with partners the commercialization verification based on the PoC.