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Social Innovation

What is Social Innovation?

To create change in society, people across sectors, regions and professions need to truly work together. It is not a simple joint project or the joining of ideas, but cooperation as people based on trust. When true cooperation is created in society, each person should be the energy to solve the various challenges of society. 

Why do we need Social Innovation?

The reason is that the rules of the game have changed. Data, a modern industrial resource, is being leveraged digitally in all areas of the company's business to enhance its competitiveness and sustained business growth. This requires an essential transformation that reshapes the corporate world.

Experience the whole process in a systematic way.

Experientially learn and experiment with a series of comprehensive systematic processes that empathize with society and consumers beyond the company's borders, recognize issues, meet social needs, and create new ideas (products, services, models) that create new social relationships and collaborations, and validate those ideas in order to create social change.

Moving back and forth between reality and the future to give shape to it.

With the cooperation of internal and external networks and communities from issues discovered in design thinking, we grasp and share future trends by conducting research and analysis that goes back and forth between the reality of the field and a bird's-eye view, and together we create ideas and put them into practice, right up to the prototype.

Challenging the future with trusted colleagues

There are only a few places where we can practice and learn open innovation through collaboration. When true collaboration is created, each person becomes a social entrepreneur who lives by his or her own vision, energized to solve a variety of societal challenges.